Got pigeons in Glendale AZ? Get guaranteed pigeon control from real pigeon control experts with our team of Certified Pest Pros. We have ten’s of thousands of successful pigeon control and/orremoval services under our belts in the Phoenix area since 1991. We offer pigeon netting, spikes, trapping, pigeon poop removal, and more. We are the only pigeon control company we know of that offers a Whole Roof Pigeon Free Warranty. That’s right – we can actually guarantee there will be no accumulation of pigeon poop or nesting anywhere on your roof! And, since nothing POOPS like a pigeon, cleaning is included with every job!

Pigeon feces causes millions of dollars worth of structural damages every year. And it harbors dozens of known parasites and diseases. If pigeons are living on your roof, you and your family are breathing their feces and the germs within – every day! Call today and let us provide a pigeon-free environment for you and you and your family. No other pest control company in the Glendale area does it like we do and we have thousands of happy customers to prove it. We have an A+ BBB rating and all of our pigeon control quotes are free. So stop breathing pigeon POOP! Call today! Or fill out the contact form and save $50!

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With Every Job!

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They were absolutely great from the 1st call I made,
through installation and follow up, just fantastic!

– Dave M, Glendale, AZ

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Guaranteed Pigeon Control

Whole Roof
Pigeon Control System?

Yes! We’ve developed a pigeon control system that allows us to offer a guarantee that states that you will not have an accumulation of pigeon feces and/or nesting anywhere on your roof during the warranty period. No body else has it – just us!